Mixed Media & Abstract Art

Maryland Based, Abstract & Mixed Media Fine Art.

Amanda Lind is an abstract and mixed media artist known for her dynamic creations that combine acrylic paint, inks, and meticulously selected and handmade paper. Her artistic journey is like an adventure into the wild and uncharted, riding the waves of abstract expression.

In Amanda's world, art is a form of self-expression and a
source of peace. When she approaches the canvas, there's no detailed plan, just an immersion into the moment, aided by the backdrop of her favorite music, which is usually P!nk, Lady Gaga or Adele. As a result of this free-flowing creative process, she is able to calm her anxiety, transforming her art into a form of quiet relaxation.

About the Artist

Art Book

Feel free to click through my current art book to see some of my most recent work: